Check out “Storm Pulse – Lesley Yendell” from La Bonne on Vimeo.
The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/379711200
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Exposició ‘4 x 4’

Great news, finally the exhibition we showed at LAPEK is on show at the wonderful new exhibition space in Femart, Ca La Dona, Calle Ripoll 25, 08002 Barcelona.

15th Nov – 30 January

Open Monday to Friday 17,00 – 19,30

28th November 17,00, Artists in Conversation moderated by Assumpta Bassas.

30th January, 19,00,  Closing of Exhibition, evening of performance and glass of wine


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Paisatge Líquid

Looking forward to the opening of ‘Paisatge Líquid’  on the 18th May….watch this space!!cartell facebook

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Viaje Telúrica PR

My dear friend Pajaro shared this article on my piece ‘Plato Rotos’ from a previous exhibition in 2014. This is one of my favourite gallery spaces, it is at  the Parque de Esculturas “Tierras Altas Lomas de Oro”, Vilaslada de Cameros, La Rioja.

The Parque de Esculturas is a place which holds so many good memories for me. I am grateful to Francisco Gestal for taking the time and thought to write the article…

click here to read…


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‘Platos Rotos’

Created for Drap Art 18


‘Platos Rotos’



‘The more we conquer nature the weaker we get’ Gary Snyder Earth House Hold, 1957


One day, couple of years ago on an artists residency at the Bemis Centre , Omaha, Nebraska, a group of gardeners arrived to create the centre’s vegetable garden. To my surprise instead of digging the soil they proceeded to construct large boxes two metres by three into which they introduced soil bought in from another área. I asked why they used this technique instead of digging into the ground directly. The reply was that the soil in this área of the city was poisoned by lead.

Past practises of lead refining operations, industrial scale battery production, use of lead based paint and leaded gasoline were responsible for the present contamination. In this case the soil is too adulterated to safely grow vegetables.

This information given to me so matter of factly deeply shocked me and alerted my attention to the importance of soil care. In this case the poison was lead, whatever the source soil contamination is returned to us by water, by air, by dust and through food.

My piece ‘Platos Rotos’ made of earthen spoons that are balanced on fractured piles of plates are as precarious and risky as the current situation.

Lesley Yendell


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‘The Squeeze’

Shown for the first time at the amazing ‘Intramurs’  festival, Valencia…. #Atopic

intramurs valencia 2018


‘The Squeeze’ is born from a natural landscape, bucolic in appearance, that responds to a large scale economy that functions under a determined economic model. It is a piece that is a reaction to and reflects on the limits of our contemporary world at a time of extreme conditions and deep changes.

Andy Warhol used every day objects from popular culture in a creative way. Tins and other packaging or objects advertised on the television, on special offer in the supermarket, acquired by post or by internet and they are pretty to look at.

In this way, and by way of the transformation, an every day object innocent in appearance, transmits a message that reaches much further.

The days of work in my studio making the squeezer reflect the changing annual cycle of the agricultural calendar, the budding, the pruning , the piles of branches, the fruit….uniting the exterior world of the fields with the work of the interior, the domestic spaces, the kitchens, where food is manipulated under the same guide lines of order, cleanliness, and rhythm that is employed in agriculture.

The intricate interactions, interdependencies, the effects and repercussions of our economic model and its impact on our earth are as complex as the structure formed by the branches of the piece.

The ‘Squeeze’ is an installation by Lesley Yendell, the project was created with a photographic documentation by Consuelo Bautista.


Image may contain: 2 people, including Susi Blas, people smiling, people standing
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, plant, tree, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: plant
Susi Blas is in Valencia.

Hemos rodado hoy para Metrópolis la preciosa pieza de la artista inglesa Lesley Yendell en Intramurs 2018 #Atòpic. Partiendo de la forma de un exprimidor, ha creado una escultura de ramas de melocotón, recogidas a lo largo de todo el año… en su estudio en el Penedès . Resonando con la cúpula del convento del Carmen, es una obra abierta a distintas interpretaciones y sugerencias…

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‘Lets talk contemporary?’

Aquest proper dissabte 13 d’Octubre, coincidint amb la Fira de Bandolers d’Alcover, celebrarem al Convent de les Arts, la 2a sessió del cicle PARLEM CONTEMPORANI? d’enguany.


Obrim el Camp.image002


Aquesta sessió l’obrirem amb IIAIO, de Lesley Yendell, una performance motivada per l’aire, les  seves associacions físiques, espirituals y simbòliques. Una acció de l’artista anglesa, que ha fet del paisatge domesticat del camp i dels objectes domèstics quotidians la seva matèria prima.

La col·lecció BEEP d’art electrònic segueix col·laborant amb nosaltres; per cortesia de l’Eugenio Ampudia, podrem veure Prado GP,  una vertiginosa cursa de motos que travessa el museu madrileny i vincula la seva velocitat amb la que habitualment es visiten aquestes venerables institucions.

Més del nostre ritme seran les instal·lacions. Al claustre, el col·lectiu vallenc l’Aparador, amb SILENCI, vol fer una elegia al moment present, on molt sovint la puresa de l’escriptura perd protagonisme i passa a tenir una funció merament comunicativa,

mentre que a les sales, en Thomas Keis -artista multidisciplinar provinent del disseny de mobiliari-  presenta les DOMUS de JANAS, una instal·lació que vol fer visible, en forma esterilitzada, el que normalment queda amagat dins de les roques: la seva estructura geomètrica i volumètrica.

Un concepte entre rituals, misteri i espai, que infongui lleugeresa, volums i formes mínimes plasmades en tres dimensions.


En aquesta sessió, es podran veure també un parell de peces de la sessió anterior. Començarem puntualment a 2/4 de 12,  i tancarem com sempre amb un vermut de contemporanis diàlegs al claustre.

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